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illiam Cason Bush (b. 8 Mar. 1839); d. 1 Jan. 1899) lived in Colquitt, Miller County, Georgia, until after his marriage to Rebecca Thompson (b. 10 Jan. 1851; d. 4 Mar. 1909).

Grapeland Texas



   Julia Belle (Wallace) Bush

William Cason Bush (b. 8 Mar. 1839); d. 1 Jan. 1899) lived in Colquitt, Miller County, Georgia, until after his marriage to Rebecca Thompson (b. 10 Jan. 1851; d. 4 Mar. 1909). They are both buried with marked graves, in Evergreen Cemetery at Percilla. W. C. Bush was descended from James Bush (b. 24 Jan. 1792; d. 10 Nov. 1869) who came to the area of Colquitt in 1817 from Laurens County, Ga., when there were only two other white men in the county. From 1824-1849 James Bush served as a postmaster, tax collector, clerk of Superior and Inferior Courts, county treasurer and judge of Inferior Court. He was also a farmer and cattleman. Rebecca Thompson had previously been married to a Mr. Sheffield but no children were born to this union. Her father was William Thompson. Her mother was Penelope Fann, daughter of Martha (1795-1859) and Elijah Fann (1788-1844). Since Wm. Cason was past 30 years before he had children and was the right age to have served in The War Between the States, it is presumed that the Confederate military record for Wm. Bush in Georgia Archives is his. There was no other variation of the name found. Wm Bush enlisted at Thunderbolt with Col. G. A. Gordon, December 31, 1862, for "3 years or the war". He served until June of 1864 as a private in Co. H, 63rd Rgt., Georgia Volunteer Infantry. Cason and Becky, accompanied by her brother, William H. Thompson, moved toLouisiana where they purchased much land from New Orleans up the Mississippi River to Lake Charles and engaged in the lumbering business. They paid tax on some of the land at Lake Charles but most was abandoned after the timber was cut. They were joined in this enterprise by two or more of Cason's brothers. They cut cypress logs until they had the length of a mile tied together, then waited for rain and high water to float them down to a mill. In 1880 he family was in Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana, with their four eldest children and Wm. H. Thompson still in the household (with occupation listed as "teamster"). After settling in West Lake Charles, Cason had his own saw mill, a gin and saloon. Cason's brothers, Jim and Ebb (likely E. B.) grew tobacco on the fertile ox lots as they moved the cutting operation from place to place. In the early 1880's the family left for Texas, leaving Jim and Ebb behind. Jim settled on 30 or 60 acres, 15 miles from Boggy Creek and may have stayed to rear a family. It was thought that Ebb returned toKentucky but later reports said he lived in Tulsa, Oklahoma, with his wife and two children. In Texas, the Bush family lived first inNavarro County, near Corsicana, where Cason had a cotton gin. After a year or so they moved to Houston County and settled at Percilla. No photos are available of W. C. and Becky Bush; however, an individual who knew both contrasted their physical characteristics. "She was small, dark, with dark eyes; he was average size or larger, fair and had blue eyes." CHILDREN: 1. James Edmond (Ed.) Bush (b. 16 May 1872; d. 8 Oct. 1946) married Julia Belle Wallace (b. 25 Feb. 1878; d 29 Feb. 1952). Both buried CityCemetery, Jacksonville, TX. 2. William Charles (Charley) (b. 1876 in Louisiana) md. Maggie May Austin on 27 Aug. 1896. Likely buriedColorado City, Texas, where they lived. 3. Bulah Jane (b. 21 Sept. 1878; d. 11 May 1949) md. 12 Dec. 1896 H. Frank Newman (b. 1 Sept. 1878; d. 20 Aug. 1961). 4. Henry Cason (b. 30 Jan. 1880; d. 1942) md. Fannie Sullivan (b. 28 Mar. 1885; d. 1976). Of Ella and Owen C. Sullivan.  5. Byron (b. d.) md. Likely buried Hillcrest Cemetery, Waxahachie. 6. Ben (b. d.) died unmarried. 7. Horace (b. 12 Jan. 1889,Navarro County; d. 28 June 1966). Buried Evergreen, Percilla. 8. Frank Hester (b. 8 Sept. 1891; d 1969). md. (1) Lorena Bridges (1891-1915), (2) Faye Buried Percilla. U. S. Army W.W. I, California, PFC. Bulah and Frank Newman lived in the Grapeland and Percilla area. They had two sons, Octa and Frank, Jr. Both deceased. J. E. Bush and Julia Wallace Bush also lived in the Percilla area where most of their children were born. In the mid-1900's they moved to Chester, Tyler County, TX. Children: 1. Glennie Mae (b. 3 Mar. 1894; d.) buried Jacksonville, TX, City Cemetery; md. Frank Acker. 2. Willie B. (b. 6 July 1895; d.) md. (1) James E. Jones, (2) 3. Clarence E. (b. 14 July 1897; d. 23 July 1944) md. Ruth McVey. 4. Roy H. (b. 15 Apr. 1900; d.) md. (1) Tina Sims (2) Trudy Brazziel (3) 5. Mary Mildred (b. 18 Jan. 1902; d. Oct. 1984) md. Walter T. Scott. 6. Edna Webb (b. 17 Aug. 1904; living) md. Hubert Earle. 7. John Frank (b. 6 July 1909; d.) md. (1) Josephine) 2) Blanche 8. Lewis Wright (b. 31 Jan. 1912; living) md. (1) Ava Pennington (Div.) (2) Alverda 9. Morris (b. 17 Oct. 1914; living) md. Mona Vinson (Div.) 10. Nat Hayden (b. 20 July 1917; living) md. Ima Henderson. Lewis W. Bush served in WWII, 160th Inf. Anti-tank Co. of the 40th Div. (stationed part of time on the islands of Oahu and Hawaii). He lived in Grapeland from mid-nineteen forties to mid-nineteen sixties. He was the first manager of the Co-Op, then known as Grapeland Peanut Growers, was an active Member of First Baptist Church and Grapeland Masonic Lodge. Mark Wayne, only child of Ava and L. W. Bush, graduated from Grapeland High School in 1964. Mark made his chief contribution as school photographer and actor in a winning one-act play. He presently lives in Amarillo where he is a partner in the Upshaw Insurance Agency. He is married to the former Gayle Graham and they have six children: Marni, Traci, Kristi, Andi, Jaymi and Noah. Harry, son of Lorena and Frank Bush, and wife Mary Ann (Holcomb) reared their family in the Percilla area. Children: Reginald, George (Buzzy), Juanille and Kenny. Harry and Buzzy live in the Liberty Hill community at this time. William H. Thompson, born 1855, Colquitt, Miller County, Georgia, remained with his sister Bucky Bush and her family until they came to Houston County. Like Becky, he was small of stature and dark-skinned (having French ancestry). They had one sister, Jane Thompson, who married Mr. Spears and lived near Shreveport (Landry), Louisiana. Their children were Buddie, Jimmy, and Gus Spears. William H. Thompson (called "Billy") married Retilla ("Tildie") Peel. They lived in the same vicinity of the W. C. Bush family. The two families remained affectionate and loyal to each other. Retilla was the adopted daughter of Isabella and William H. Campbell but had retained her birth surname. Her mother died and her father remarried, then went to the Civil War. He requested that if anything happened to him his daughter was to live with her mother's family. Retilla's mother's maiden named was Ball and Will Campbell's mother was a Ball. Tildie and Billy Thompson lived in the area of Ioni and reared a family: 1. Jewel 2. Cammie, md. A. N. Bolton, no children. 3. Mary Lou, md. J. C. Shotwell, had daughters Mary Ann and Jean. 4. Nion, the youngest, never married.