Grapeland Texas

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Samuel Warren Duitch was born in or near Williamsport, Pennsylvania, on August 28, 1869

Grapeland Texas

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Samuel Warren Duitch was born in or near Williamsport, Pennsylvania, on August 28, 1869. He came to Texas when he was about 10 years old, with his father Henry Duitch and two half brothers to find work building railroads. Henry's wife, a strong-willed woman, refused to come with them to Texas. After Henry died, Sam lived with and worked for families who would allow him to go to school in order to fulfill his longtime dream of becoming a teacher. John A. Davis, Sr., a Mr. Caskey, and a Mr. Carpenter were three who hired Sam to work and allowed him to go to school. He said they treated him as part of the family. Sam was Salutatorian at Alexander Institute in Kilgore and Jacksonville, having attended the Institute from 1890 to 1895. He felt strongly that education was a necessity for everyone. He began teaching in the late 1800's and continued his education over the years, acquiring several certificates, some through correspondence courses. He taught in schools at Lively (later named Livelyville), Mt. Gibson, New Prospect, Guiceland, Union, Salmon, Elkhart, Slocum and Latexo for monthly salaries of between $12.50 and $75. He farmed between school terms. In 1896 he married Cue Della Guice, daughter of B.J.H. Guice and Casten Dainia Haltom Guice. Cue Della was born in 1869. Six children were born to Sam and Cue Della. Four - Adela, Calvin, Ellis, and Bailey - lived to be adults. Adela, Ellis and Bailey became teachers. Calvin was a local businessman. After his hearing became impaired in the 1930's, Sam gave up teaching and became a merchant in Grapeland. His grocery store was located downtown east of the railroad tracks. He was Justice of the Peace and Road Commissioner around the 30's and 40's. Cue Della died in 1947. Sam remained active until his death at age 97 in 1966