Grapeland Texas


Grapeland Texas better known as HOME...  Home of the Annual Peanut Festival, Home of the Annual Blue Grass Frestival, and just the best home we could possibly ask for.  We may not always get along but like it or not we are all one big Family, some happy and some not so happy.  That is what family and home is all about.  I hope you enjoy this website.  Click below on your family history or email me to add or edit your family history.  My email address is


Booster Club

Chamber of Commerce 936-546-1339

Grapeland Gardening Club

Noon Lions Club

Masonic Lodge 903-729-5519

Rotary Club                                             See our Facebook page




Grapeland Elementary School             936-687-2317

Grapeland High School                         936-687-4661

See the District Website

See our Facebook page


Serving the Community

Grapeland Fire Department                 936-687-2222                                            See our Facebook page

Grapeland Police/City Office                 936-687-2115

Things To Do

The Clubhouse Best Freinds                  936-687-1003                                             See our Facebook page

Cr8 Teen Center 936-687-3651             See our Facebook page

Frontier Camp 936-544-3206                 See our Facebook page

Grapeland Country Club                     936-687-3265                                            See our Facebook page

Grapeland Senior Center 936-687-4712 See our Facebook page

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