Marvin Lewis Garrett

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Marvin Lewis Garrett Family History

Lewis Garrett and Velma Smith 1920Lewis and Velma Garrett 1986

Marvin Lewis Garrett is the youngest son of John Frank and Cora Alice Shofner Alexander Garrett and the grandson of Robert Milligan and Emily Francis Matthews Garrett. The Garrett family moved to this area before Grapeland was established as a town. Both R. M. Garrett and J. F. Garrett were active planners in the development of this area and worked for the good of the community. Marvin Lewis Garrett followed the pattern set by his father and grandfather and also has served the best interest of his community when the need arose. Marvin Lewis Garrett has one living brother, William Hayden Garrett and nine half-brothers and sisters call deceased\. Lewis Garrett has worked at several different types of jobs. He first worked for C. H. Sewell (Five and Dime Store) located on the site of our present variety store. Lewis Garrett worked for Mr. Sewell for about six or eight years and acquired a cash capital of $157.00 to invest in a small grocery and feed business. He opened this business on January 11, 1936. His store was located in Block 4, lot 5. The total sales for the first year of business were a little over $19,000.00 and after living expenses made a net profit of $1100.00. After nineteen months in business, he sold out and then in April, 1938 when the oil field came in, he went back in the grocery and feed business on the site now occupied by Flo’s Antique Store, block 4, lot 3. After the first year back in business, he added a meat market. Eighteen months later, he added a large meat case which is pictured in the business section of this book. He also had a walk-in cooler six by eight feet in size. The sales of that business grew from $40,000.00 to $133,000.00 per year at which time he sold out again. For the next few years, Lewis Garrett was in the building and carpentry trade in¬†Palestine. When Grapeland decided to build a hospital, he donated his time to direct and supervise the building of it and did all of the cabinet work in the original part of the building. Lewis Garrett served on the school tax equalization board for twenty-five years. Marvin Lewis Garrett married Velma Smith in 1921. He and his wife celebrated their sixty-fifth anniversary in 1986.

Lewis Garrett, Ruby Smith, and Ruby Davidson

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