Community Memorial Hospital

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Community Memorial Hospital

Early in May 1959, the citizens of this area met and determined that a hospital be set as a community goal. Some 200 persons attended this meeting and quickly voted that a hospital with at least 10 beds, laboratory and operating room was a goal to plan for with facilities planned for expansion.

As a result of this meeting adequate committees were appointed to get the plans for the hospital in operation. From this time on an intensive financial campaign was organized and executed. Site for the hospital was chosen. The hospital was given a name. The state charter was obtained, and by-laws were adopted. 

By October 1061, the Financial Commitee reported $23,000 in cash on hand and $20,000 in pledges. With this amount available, the Steering and Building Committee decided that sufficient funds were available with which to start construction of the hospital proper.

Construction began October 23, 1961. The building was completed in the fall of 1962 at which time sufficient funds had been donated by citizens and friends of the community to completely pay the cost.

A sum total of $57,729.73 was invested in the original building. Needless to say, that this figure is low as far as building costs go, but only because much of the labor and supervisory work was donated by the citizens of the area. 

By October 1963, the doctor had been procured and under his direction and guidance the hospital was equipped and furnished. On March 10, the hospital opened with a 15 bed capacity.

In September 1966, an expansion program was begun and in July 1967 the new wing was completed which increased the bed capacity from 15 to 25.

In October of 1971 the citizens voted their approval of the formation of a hospital district. At this time, the hospital district did not own or operate the hospital.

The physicians being officed within the hospital made a physical move to a free-standing clinic built adjacent to the hospital during October of 1983. This move created room for additional facilities in the hospital proper. 

In 1985 the financial conditions of the hospital necessitated the transfer of the ownership and operation of the hospital to the hospital district. The continuing decline in patient average and changes in governmental programs providing hospital care resulted in the decision to close the hospital in September, 1986.

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