William Wiley Gainey

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William Wiley Gainey Family History

William Wiley GaineyMary Ann Ward Gainey

Elijah and Susannah Ward moved their family from Thomas County, Georgia to settle in Texas in 1873. They settled around Augustain Houston County. One of their daughters, Mary Ann, left a number of admiring suitors in Georgia. Miss Mollie, as she was affectionately called, corresponded with several of these young men including William Wiley Gainey. After three years of writing, W.W. proposed marriage to Miss Mollie and she accepted. It was another two years before he was financially able to move toTexas and buy a farm in the San Pedro area. On March 6, 1878, Miss Mollie and William Wiley Gainey were married. The children of this union were Susie May, John Cullen, William Elijah, Albert Sidney, Carl, Zera, Elmer L. (died in infancy), Arland Sprong, Ora, Walter Clarence, and Hollis Hobson. These children grew up in the San Pedro area and most of them married Houston Countypeople. Many remained in this county the rest of their lives. William Wiley (b. Sept. 10, 1851; d. Jan. 1, 1907) and Mary Ann Ward Gainey (b. July 2, 1855; d. May 17, 1913) are buried in the San Pedro Cemetery. The descendants of the Gainey children are: Susie May married George L. Richards – children: 1. George Howe (married Mary Jo West), 2. Janie Mae (m. J.C. Pherson), 3. William Connor (Billy-killed in WWII), 4. Vera and 5. Catheryn (m. Charles L. Sullivan Jr. -children 1. Bill, m. Faye Cumbest -children Jessica and Garrett; 2. Ann, m. Bailey McAnulty – son, Brian; 3. Elizabeth, m. Alvaro Valdez -children, Heather and Trey and m. Donn R. Raleigh), and Charles L. Sullivan III) John Cullen Gainey m. Ethel May Stancliff – son: John Vincent (m. Margaret Boyenton – children: Michelle and Karen) William Elijah m. Willie Lee Cunningham – children: James Wiley (m. Evelyn Gerrard – children: James Wiley Jr. m. Lynette David, children: Laura and Susan), Hugh Gerrard (m. Elaine Hocott – children: Claudia, Brian, and Richard), Paul, and Allison (m. Gregg Stephens -Children: James and Amy), 2. Mary Lee (m. John Bernice Coon – Daughter: Mary Bernice (m. Donald Allen Morgan; children: Susan Leah (m. Darrel K. Vaughn –children Jonathon and Carolyn Mary), Donald Allen Jr. (m. Betsy Robison), and John Robert, 3. Allison (m. Bertha Proctor – daughter: Lilah Leigh), 4. Ede Maxwell (m. Jeffie Spivey), 5. Merle Lewis (m. Pat Williams -children: Mollie Lee and Margaret Ann (Peggy)). 6. Laura Sue (m. Raleigh Christian – children: Jerry Allison (m. Alline Johnston – children: Sonya and Curt), Mary Sue (m. Charles A. Snell – children: Kathy Sue and Charles Jacob) and Margaret Ann (m. James Walding -son: Brian) and 7. Helen Elizabeth (m. Lamar Walker -children: Linda Sue, Patricia, William Allen and Katy. Albert Sidney married Lola Dennis – children: 1. Frances Marie (m. Lester Smith – children: Susan (m. Mark Phelps-children: Nicholas and Jordan) and Pamela; 2. Albert Sidney Jr. (married Mollie? – children: two daughters), 3. Martha Sue (m. Don McReynolds) and 4. Wanda Eloise (m. Durwood Morgan – son: Hugh Dennis (m. Mae? – daughter: Catherine Ann) Carl married Ethel Stowe, children: 1. Cullen (died in infancy), 2. Elmer (m. Evelyn? children: Beth (m. Bob Gay – children: Jennifer and Robert) and Patricia and 3. Mary Kate (m. Carroll Hall Savage – children: Carroll Hall Jr. and Kay. Zera married Luther F. Lively -children: 1. Gladys (m. Albert Thomsen), 2. Ruth (m. Bill Wright -children: Melinda and Tony) and 3. Luther Lee (m. Neysa?) Arland married Lula Jones -daughter: Melba (Gaye) (m. John B. Riley – children: Fredrick Michael (m. Nancy Jane Pugsley) and John Patrick) Ora married John Speer Darsey -children: Mary Ann and Mattle Lee (later generations listed under E.H. Darsey family) Hollis Hobson married Helen Montgomery -children: Harold (m. Joan Barber – children: Ronnie (m. Brenda ? – daughter: Sandra Dee) and Glenn (m. Jeannie Mauldin – son: Nicholas), Edwin Lee (m. Johnny Haygood – children: Eddie (m. Jane McMillian), Lana (m. David Pope -children: Brandon and Rebecca) and DeAnn (M. Gary Boyd – children: Sydnie Dawn and Amanda Brooke).

Gainey Family

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