Pennington Family Tree

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Pennington Family Tree

Squire Boone and his wife Sarah Morgan were Quakers and used “thee” and “thou” in their speech. Squire was a weaver, ran a blacksmith shop and farmed. He lived in Oley Township, Pennsylvania, near where the city of Reading is today. He was short in stature; his wife was a tall, gentle woman with dark hair. There were seven children: Sara, Hanna, a brother (name unknown), Elizabeth, Daniel, Mary and Squire, Jr. In 1751 the family moved to the Yadkin River Valley in North Carolina. Squire Boone, Sr. is buried in Joppa Graveyard in Davie County, North Carolina. He is the great-great-great great grandfather of the Pennington’s. Daniel Boone was born November 2, 1734. He was five feet eight inches tall with dark hair and blue eyes. He had a slightly hooked nose, thin lips, a wide mouth, and ruddy skin. He took part in the Braddock Expedition during the French and Indian war in 1755. Daniel married Rebecca Bryan in August of 1756. She was sixteen. They settled on his father’s farm in the Yadkin Valley, North Carolina. Because of Indian raids, the whole family was forced to take refuge in Culpepper County, in northern Virginia for a short period of time, returning in 1759. Their children: James, Israel, Susannah, Jemima, Levinia, Rebecca, Daniel, and Nathan. Hannah Boone first married John Stewart, sometimes spelled Stuart. He was killed by the Indians on an exploring trip in Kentucky. Their children: Sarah, Mary, Rachel and Ann. Hannah Boone married second, Richard Pennington. Some give his birth date as 1748 – others as 1742. He came with his family as a child or young man to the Yadkin Valley of North Carolina. They were married “nine miles of Shallow Ford above the ford on the Yadkin River, Rowan City, North Carolina.” They lived the next twenty years in western North Carolina and just across the border in Virginia. In August 1797 they moved to Kentucky near the present city of Lexington. From there they moved to White Co., Tennessee where Richard died on December 21, 1813. He was buried near Sparta, Tennessee. Hannah returned to Monroe Co., Kentucky and lived with her son, Daniel Pennington, near Old Mill Creek Church. She died April 9, 1828 and is buried in the Old Mulkey Meeting House graveyard near Tompkinsville, Kentucky. Children of Hannah and Richard Pennington: Joshua (born Feb. 23, 1778), Daniel (born Dec. 3, 1781), John Stewart (born June 10, 1874) and Abigail (born Jan. 24, 1878). Joshua Pennington married first Mary Gist who was nicknamed “Polly”. She died October 10, 1839 in Monroe Co., Kentucky. When Polly died there was still one son and three daughters who were at home. Three and one-half years later all were married and gone. On August 25, 1844 he married Sarah Howard. They had no children. Joshua died in 1868 at the age of 90 at McMinnville, Tennessee where he had lived for some time. He owned property next to H.L. Walling. He wrote from his home in McMinnville on June 18, 1854, “We (Polly and Joshua) had 11 children, six boys and five girls, the youngest girl died young. They are all living as far as I know. My oldest son lives in Illinois, two sons and one daughter in Texas, one son in western Tennessee, one son in Smithville, Tennessee. One son and one daughter live near me. (He evidently did not know where all of them lived since he only told where eight lived.) In his will in 1862 on March 23, he named nine children so either one more had died, or he had no idea where that one lived. Children of Joshua and Polly Pennington: William, Richard, Granderson, John, Altermira, Joseph, Rody, Betsy Jane, Joshua and two unlisted girls. Richard was born near Glasgow, Barren, now Monroe Co., and Kentucky on April 11, 1809. From Kentucky he went to Tennessee, White County, in 1811 where he met and married Polly Walling who was born in 1813 and married in 1828 at the age of 15. They moved to Missouri for a short while and came to Texas in 1839, settling at Pennington, Texas. He later moved his Headright from Pennington to his home west of Grapeland which was adjacent to his brother-in-law, James Walling. Ava Bush notes that some say they went to Illinois and stayed a year and then settled at Daly’s – called Linwood until the Dailey family came. Richard had 14 children with only one-half of them living to maturity: 1. Catherine Pennington who married Charles Beazley was born circa 1835 and died at age 37. 2. Edmund Gaines, born 1837, married Nancy Jane Renfro 3. Lawson James, born 1846 and died in 1924. He married Lou Baker 4. June, born in 1848, died in 1933. She married Solomon J. Baker. 5. Lucy, born 1850, died 1901. She married Zadock Baker. 6. Henry Allen, born 1853, died 1925. He married Mary Beeson in 1873. 7. Caledonia, born 1855, died 1918, married Andrew Mobley and second, Hamilton Huff. Edward Morgan, the grandfather of Daniel and Hannah, came to Pennsylvania in 1683. He built a two-story, 10-room log house in 1695 that was H-shaped in Towamencin, Pennsylvania. The house still stands and is on the National Register of Historic Places. Edward Morgan, a wool exporter, was the son of the last Baronet of Lanthanum. He is said to have been “well to- do”.

Children of Henry Allen Pennington and Mary Lena Pennington

Daniel Boone b. November 9, 1873; d. Dec. 9, 1960

Sam Henry (Bunk) b. Sept. 20, 1875; d. April 21, 1940

James Richard b. Oct. 5, 1877; d. April 21, 1940

Berta b. Feb. 3, 1880; d. Dec. 28, 1968

Addle Farra b. Dec. 22, 1881; d. June 16, 1969

Harden Baine b. April 1, 1884; d. March 23, 1966

Walter b. June 19, 1887; d. Jan. 26, 1956

Mary Anna Lena b. Jan. 1, 1890; d. Oct. 29, 1963

Earl b. June 29, 1892; d. April 7, 1972

Florence b. Jan. 23, 1896; d. Oct. 31, 1971

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