Douglas Beazley

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Douglas Beazley Family History

Douglass (Doug) Beazley was the third son of James Harvey and Martha Virginia Hickey Beazley. The family lived in Bowling Greenin Caroline County, Virginia before coming to Texas. William A. Beazley (1761-1837) was a Virginia tobacco planter. William’s son Charles Beazley came to Texas in 1848. Charles’ first wife was Thursa Hyde (born February 15, 1846) and she was the mother of James Harvey Beazley. The Beazley family settled on a plantation west of Grapeland in the community called Trinity Chapel. Later the name of this community was changed to Reynard when Thomas Jefferson Fox moved to the area. Reynard is a French word meaning fox. James Harvey Beazley first married Martha Virginia Hickey and had four sons: Jack, Oscar, Douglass (Doug), and Homer (Hickey) Beazley. He then married Caledonia Isabella White and had three children: Herman, Glenn and Kleber. The histories of some of the other children of James Harvey Beazley are included under different articles. Douglass Beazley was born September 15, 1879. He grew up and attended school in Reynard. He lived there until he volunteered for the army. Doug was in San Franciscowhen it burned in 1906. After completing his term of service in the army, he went to Shreveport, Louisiana. There he met and married his wife, Mary Elizabeth Wheeler Dean. They married on May 11, 1907 and came to Reynard to make their home on the Beazley plantation. The main crops raised on the plantation were corn and cotton and they also had a home garden for use and canning for winter. They raised cattle, hogs and chickens. Douglass Beazley died January 24, 1944 and Mary Elizabeth died May 10, 1928. To this marriage two girls were born, Myrle D. and Elinor Beazley. Myrle Beazley, oldest daughter of Doug and Mamie Beazley and granddaughter of J.H. (Jim) and Martha V. Beazley, attended school in Reynard. Her first teacher was Miss Pearl Ady. On August 16, 1925, Myrle Beazley was married to Clarence Wisdom in Karnack, Texas by Clarence’s sister Mrs. T.J. Taylor. She was the Justice of -154- Peace of Karnack. Two children were born to this marriage, John D. Wisdom and Mamie Marie Wisdom. On November 3, 1946, Myrle married her second husband, Wayne G. Kaltwasser,

In Houston, Texas. They had no children. Wayne and Myrle farmed in Reynard for two years and raised cotton, corn, peanuts and hogs. They also had a garden for home use and canning for winter. They went to Grapeland for

Their staple commodities (flour, salt, sugar, coffee, soda and baking powder). Their doctor was Dr. C.C. Hill as long as they lived in Reynard. John D. Wisdom, Son of Myrle and Clarence Wisdom, married Ada Hurst and had one son. John D. Wisdom then married Eva Dell Vest and had two children, John W. Wisdom and Christy Wisdom. John W. Wisdom married Kathy Hooper and had three children, Sandra Wisdom (born August 27, 1979, died December 4, 1983), Loren Dell Wisdom and Johnny Wayne Wisdom, Jr. Christy Wisdom married Richard Carrington and had two children, Courtney Nicole Carrington and Brandon Carrington. Mamie Marie Wisdom, daughter of Myrle and Clarence, married Milburn E. Isget and had two children, Jimmy E. Isget and David R. Isget. Jimmy E. Isget married Sherrell C. Freeman and had two children, Anthony Joseph (Tony) Isget and John C. (Kip) Isget. David R. Isget married Doris J. Wilson and had two children, Jeremy R. Isget and Sarah Elizabeth Isget. Marie Wisdom Isget’s second marriage was to James Westbrook. Elinor Beazley, younger daughter of Doug and Martha Beazley, married Allen Moore and had one child, Peggy Moore (born November 10, 1930, died August 18, 1938). Elinor (Beazley) Moore’s second marriage was to Clifford Platt. They had three children, Gerald A. Platt, Virginia Myrle Platt and Patsy Ann Platt. Gerald A. Platt first married Nell Skidmore and had one child, Richard A. Platt. Gerald A. Platt’s second marriage was to Dorothy Smith and they had one child, Tonya Platt, and three step-children, Debbie McCall, Sandra Bruce and Patty Tyer.

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