John Platt

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John Platt Family History


Thomas Platt (1789-1846) was born in Lancashire, England and married Catherine Smith (1799-1840) on December 25, 1819, probably in New Jersey, moved to Greene County, New York, then catching the westward fever, came to San Augustine County, Republic of Texas. Thomas Platt came to Texas in 1837 with his wife and seven children: James Robert (1820-1875), Radcliffe (1822-1909), Adaline (1823-1875), Cornelia (1825-1887), Sarah (1827-1895), Melinda (1830-?), William (1835-1840). Thomas Platt received a grant of land of twelve hundred and eighty acres in San Augustine County of the Republic of Texas in 1839. 

The oldest son of Thomas Platt, James Robert Platt married Rosetta Deen (1829-1894) in 1848, sold his property in San Augustine County and moved to Houston County. James Robert and Rosetta Deen had seven children: Katherine Elizabeth (1848-1945) who married Charles Alfred Turner; John Thomas Platt (1850-1934) who first married Willie Turner, and second, Ada Luce Estell; Ellen (1852-1928) who married first James Vest, second Sandy Henry; James (1854- died young); William M. (1855-1942) married Codelia Brock; Martha A. (1858- died young); Sam Houston (1861-1934) who was single; Adaline (1864-?) who married Marlon Satterwhite. 

John Thomas Platt was born October 14,1850 in Houston County, Texas. He was the oldest son of James Robert and Rosetta Deen Platt. John Thomas was first married to Willie Turner and they had three children: Henry, Tom, and Callie (who married a Holly). In 1904 or 1905, John Thomas Platt married Ada Luce Estell (1882-1961). She was the daughter of James Carrol and Margaret Fulgam Luce. Ada Luce Estell brought to this marriage three Estell children: Cora, who married Arwine Skidmore; Effie, who married Otis Herod; and Carrol Estell. 

John Thomas and Ada Platt had eight children. They are:

Clifford Platt who married Eleanor Beazley and had three children (Arlon, Virginia, and Pat).

Eva Platt married Logan McElyea and had one daughter, Billie Sue).

Truman Platt married Maggie Lee Martin and had four sons (Bobby, Bill, Jack, and Morris). 

Lacy Platt married Zilma Goolsby and had two daughters, (Oudia and Barbara).

Ora Dell Platt married Algie Hardison and had five children (Buddy, Mike, Eva Jean, Martha, and Vickie).

Merle Ross died young. 

They also had two other infants that died a few days after birth.

The Platt reunion is held the first Saturday in August at the Community Center. Many of the Platt descendants still live in the Grapeland are and also in and around Crockett.