Peter Bridges

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Peter Bridges Family History

Peter Bridges (d.10-10-1864) was a Methodist minister, who rode circuit in the Georgia-Alabama border area. He married Eliza Jane Brown (b. 12-25-1828, d.01-27-1909) and began his family on a farm in Schley County Georgia. Here, their children were born: Henry, Mary, William Jefferson, Epsy, John F., Martha, and Mattie. When the War Between the States began, Peter joined the 32nd Alabama Infantry, C Company, C.S.A. as a chaplain. On February 5, 1863 Peter wrote a letter home to Eliza Jane from Tullahoma,Tennessee. In what may have been his last communication to his wife and children, he refers to a sister Elizabeth and gives instructions to them concerning the cows and urges them to ‘live faithful and right in the sight of God.’ He closes with a prayer that ‘May the Good Lord bless us all and eventually save us an unbroken family in heaven where there will be no more wars and parting of families ‘ October, 1863 found Peter and the Bragg’s Army of Tennessee engaged in the defense of Chattanooga. During the Battle of Missionary Ridge (11-23 thru 11-25-1865), Peter was taken prisoner by Union forces. He was sent with other Confederate prisoners to the Union prison at Fort Armstrong, Rock Island, Illinois (located on a rock island in the Mississippi River on the western border ofIllinois. During the summer of 1863 Federal  authorities had unilaterally ended the exchange of prisoners, so Peter Bridges (even though a chaplain) would remain on Rock Island until on October 10, 1864-he became one of the many to die in Union prison camps. Following the Civil War, Schley County would receive special `reconstruction’ attention. (Schley County adjoins SumterCounty, which was the location of Andersonville Prison, C.S.A. In 1879 Eliza Jane Bridges Green (she had remarried and was again a widow), with her brother Henry Brown and his children, would leave Schley County, Georgia and move to Houston County, Texas. Accompanying Eliza Jane were her children: William Jefferson, his wife Ellen Stuart and their children—Sophia Jane and Peter; John F., Martha, and `baby’ Mattie (also referred to as Aunt Matt). Henry, Mary, and Epsy (who were married with families of their own) remained in Schley County. Epsy was now Epsy Wilkins. Henry’s son, Henry Bridges, Jr. and a son of Epsy would come to HoustonCounty in the 1880s. This group settled in Houston County, in the Percilla-Mound City- Guiceland area. Here Eliza Jane would marry a Brown (another Confederate veteran who she also outlived), and Jackson Baker. Jackson Baker was a son of Jim Baker, and the brother of Nathan Baker (see Olive Baker below in this article). Eliza Jane is buried in Parker Cemetery, northwest of Grapeland. William Jefferson Bridges (1852-1930) William Jefferson ‘W. J. Bridges (b.07-01-1852,d.01-13-1930) and Ellen Stuart Bridges (b.07-11-1854,d. 12-15-1936) settled first in the Mound City-Guiceland area, then west of the railroad on what is now the ‘Hill Brown Farm’ (a descendant of W. J.’s Uncle Henry Brown), and in about 1894 on property in the New Prospect Community. With this New Prospect property, W. J. acquired a water powered grist mill and single stand cotton gin, beginning the family’s involvement in cotton ginning. Retaining the New Prospect farm, W. J. would move to Elkhart, where he had a mercantile store. Shortly after 1900 W. J. and Ellen would move again, this time to Waurika, Oklahoma where he had a furniture store, cotton gin, and farm. He would return to Texas, this time to Victoria, where he again had a cotton gin. His final move was back to Elkhart, where he had a cotton seed hull and meal mill. William Jefferson and Ellen Stuart Bridges are buried in the Garden of Memories Cemetery, Elkhart, Texas. William Jefferson and Ellen Stuart Bridges had nine children: Sophia Jane (1873-1963), Peter (1875-1954), Fred(b. 09-27-1883,d. 07-23-1954), James William ‘Jim’ , William Edward ‘Ed’ (b. 04-29-1884, d.07-18-1903), Alice (b.06-17-1889, d. 01-01-1938), John A. (b.01-15-1891, d. 02-14-1892), Fannie E. (01-23-1893,d.06-10-1963), and Bertha Eulalia (b. 03-18-1895, d. 04-21-1974). Sophia Jane Bridges married H. Zeno Morris (b. 10-15-1865, d. 12-24-1905). Zeno’ death in 1905 left Sophia with nine small children to raise, one an infant of 16 days of age (an infant child preceded Zeno’s death, b/d 09-24-1892, as did Chester Lee, b. 04-28-1896, d.12-18-1896). Among the children of Sophia and Zeno were Willie Zeno (b. 05-07-1891, d. 10-05-1918, WWI), Peter Morris (b. 09-23-1893), and R. Henry (b. 12-08-1905, d. 05-27-1970). Most are buried in Guiceland, Sophia and J. Henry at Garden of Memories in Elkhart, while Peter Morris is still alive at this writing. Peter Morris’ wife Lala B. (b. 09-17-1901, d.09-02-1984) is buried at garden of Memories also. Peter Bridges (b. 05-28-1875, d. 11-03-1954) Peter Bridges was about nineteen when William Jefferson settled on the property in New Prospect. He married Nora Mae Herod (b. 04-19-1886, d. 12-25-1907), a sister to Lewis Herod. Nora died of complications from the birth of their one child, Jessie Odell (b. 12-17-1907, d. 05-31-1911). Nora Mae and Jessie Odell are buried in Parker Cemetery. Peter bought the New Prospect property from William Jefferson, and after Nora’s death began courting Dora Kyle (b. 12-19-1889, d. 10-15-1933), daughter of William P. and Mary E. Kyle (see Kyle Family history). in the Reynard community, ca. 12 miles west of Grapeland and about 20 miles via the old ‘Star Mail Route’ that ran from Elkhart to the Navarro Crossing on the Trinity River. Peter made this courting journey by horse and buggy. Peter and Dora were married and had six children: James ‘Jim’ William (b. 02-10-1912), Mary Virginia (b. 11-28-1913), Lewis Gail (b. 02-10-1916), Chester Lee (b. 10-18-1918), Vernita Florence (b. 05-18-1921, d. 08-28-1935), and Charles Peter (b. 05-10-1927). When William Jefferson went to Oklahoma, Peter and Dora moved to Elkhart, where their two oldest children would be born. Lewis, Lee and Vemita Florence were born on the farm in New Prospect, and Charles after the family moved back to Elkhart. Peter sold the old water powered single stand cotton gin, and built a new steam powered gin, and saw mill/lumber yard in Elkhart. He also had a ‘portable’ steam powered saw mill. In buying timber for the sawmill operation, Peter acquired property Along the Houston-Anderson County line, beginning on the east of the Old Elkhart road and running into the Antrim community. Much of this property now make up the farms (east to west)of Lewis, Lee, Jim, and Virginia-with that of Charles lying north of those of Lee and Jim, and being the only farm completely in Anderson County. Lewis owns the original family farm in the New Prospect community. Dora was killed in a car wreck in 1933, leaving Peter with 17 year old Lewis, 15 year old Lee, 12 year old Vernita Florence, and 6 year old Charles. Virginia, who was away at school, returned home to look after the younger children. James ‘Jim’ William Bridges (1912) married Ida Bell Windham (d/o Bill Windham), and they had four children: Jimmie Ruth (b. 01-17-1933), Charles Lamar (b. 07-07-1934), William Elbert ‘Woodie’ (b. 05-21-1936), and Robert ‘Bobby’ Eugene (b. 11-22-1938). They live in ‘Bridgesville’, just across the Anderson County line. Jimmie Ruth Bridges first married Jimmy Frizell and they had two children: Rebecca Ann and Ramona Marie. Her second marriage was to James Ives, and they had two children: James Ray and Jerry. Rebecca Ann Frizell first married Billy Bob Jones and they had one child, Jennifer. Her second marriage was to David Sides and they have three children: Tara, Shane, and Brett. James Ray Sides married Michelle Stone and has one child, Courtney. Charles Lamar Bridges married Linda Kay Parsons and they have one child, Lauri Kay. They live in Forest City, Arkansas where Lamar is dean of the college there, and Linda Kay is now a school librarian (a former teacher). William Elbert ‘Woody’ Bridges married Grace Brown. They have four children; Carol Jean, Mary Evelyn, Stephanie Ann, and Kelly Annette. Woody is a retired electrical engineer, and has a country western band. He and Grace also live in ‘Bridgesville’. Carol Jean Bridges married Tim Carpenter and they have two children: John and James. Mary Evelyn Bridges married Randy Breaux and they have two children: Brandy and Jeremy. Stephanie Ann Bridges married Jimmy Blevins and they have one child, Kevin Craig. Kelly Annette Bridges married Grady Weisinger, Jr. and they have one child, Courtney. Robert Eugene ‘Bobby’ Bridges first married Dora Webb. They had three children: Robert Eugene, Jr., Glennie Jane, and Susan Renee. Glennie Jean Bridges married Michael Armstrong. Susan Renee Bridges married Craig Bailey. Mary Virginia Bridges (1913) married Pridgen Brown (b. 03-22-1916, d. 12-25-1981), son of Algie Lee and Edith P. Brown (see Brown Family history), and a descendant of Henry Brown. They had one son Phillip, who lives in Washington State. Virginia lives in Palestine, and Pridgen is buried in Garden of Memories Cemetery, Elkhart Lewis Gail Bridges (b. 02-10-1916) acquired the old Bridges place from Peter in 1954. He first married Cherry Faye Davis. During WWII, Lewis served in the South Pacific in Battalion 46, U. S. Naval Construction Battalion (Sea Bees).Following the war he married (03-05-1946) Mildred Louise Jones (see Jones history) Bridges (b. 06-08-1923), widow of Raymond Lee Bridges. Lewis and Mildred have two children: Vernita Pearl (b. 01-05-1947), and Ricky Lewis Bridges (b. 06-29-1953). Lewis and Mildred still live on the old place, on the hill above the rebuilt mill pond. Parts of the old mill can still be found below the water fall, and the barn that Lewis rebuilt in the 1930s from wood from a large barn that he tore down on the same site still stands. Some of the wood in Lewis and Mildred’s home came from the lumber sheds at the Peter Bridges gin in Elkhart. Vernita first married James Troy Oliver (b. 08-10-1945, s/o Herman and Mary Alice Oliver) and they had two children: Shannon Michelle (b. 03-10-1971) and Sean Paul (07-10-1973). On 08-05-1985 Vernita married H. B. Hoyt (b. 01-09-1939). Vernita and H. B. live in spring, Texas. Ricky Lewis Bridges married Shirley Caskey (b. 09-10-1957, d/o Wendell and Ola Mae Caskey). Ricky and Shirley have one child, Jared Heath (b. 11-21-1979), and also live on the hill overlooking the rebuilt mill pond. Chester Lee Bridges (1918) married Edwina Wright and they had two children: Wilbur and Jack ‘Jackie’ Lewis (b. 05-03-1944, d. 12-12-1983). Lee and Edwina live in Elkhart and own the farm immediately east of the Lewis Bridges farm. Charles Peter Bridges (1927) married Billie Gammage (b. 03-06-1932) on 12-31-1947. Billie is the daughter of Harry and Ardell Gammage. Charles and Billie have four children: Ronnie (b. 09-22-1948), Larry Glynn (b.08-24-1951), Eddie Keith (b.09-10-1953) and Pamela (b. 01-18-1956). Charles and Billie live in ‘Bridgesville’. Ronnie married Karen Still and they have two children: Tracy Michelle (b. 03-16-1972) and Penny Lee (b. 08-04-1975). (Ronnie and his family own and live in the old Bridges home in Elkhart, located between the elementary school and the railroad.) Larry married Belinda Coleman and they have two children: Monica Lyn (b. 04-07-1971) and Larry Mathew (b. 09-07-1974). Eddie married Nita Coleman and they have two children: Amanda Kay (b. 12-24-1977) and Lance Keith (b. 06-30-1986).Pamela married Pat Blackmon, and they have three children: William Cory (b. 12-31-1977), Ryan Kyle (b. 01-28-1981), and Jordan Brady (b. 01-08-1985). Fred Bridges, Sr. (b. 09-27-1883, d. 07-23-1954) was the third child of William Jefferson and Ellen Stuart Bridges. Fred first married Ida Keen (b. 09-27-1883, d.02-07-1908), daughter of Tom Keen. They had six children: Lester, Carl D., Ida Jewel (b. 10-18-1905, d. 05-25-1959), Ellen Caskey, and two who died as infants (one ca. 6 months after Ida Keen). In 1903 Fred acquired the farm that would be known as the Fred Bridges place from B. F. Hendrix, about 5 miles northwest of Grapeland, and adjacent to the site of the New Prospect Methodist Episcopal South Church and New Prospect Common School (he later would acquire this land also) .After Ida’s death, Fred took their five surviving children to Waurika, Oklahoma, where William Jefferson and Ellen Stuart were then living. There Ellen Stuart cared forthe children (the youngest apparently died Soon after their arrival, as there is no record of his burial at Parker with Ida Keen), and Fred assisted William Jefferson in the operation of the farm, furniture store, and cotton gin. It was during a trip into Waurika from the farm that Fred would first meet his second wife, Rosa Lee Hall (b.02-06-1892, d .10-10-1976). Caught in a sudden heavy rain and blocked by a flooded creek, Fred sought shelter in a nearby farm house. This was the home of a widow, Tabitha Hall, who had four children. Fred needed a housekeeper And Tabitha Hall needed a source of income, so he hired her to keep house and look after the children for him at the farm. He soon married Tabitha’s oldest daughter, Rosa Lee. The oldest of Fred and Rosa’s six children, Gladys, was born in Waurika. The other five children were born after their return to Texas: Clifford Earl, Edith, William Clarence (b. 09-04-1915, d. 07-09-1971), Raymond Lee (b. 09-01-1918, d. 03-06-1944), and Fred Jr. (b. 03-27-1928, d. 04-27-1972). In 1925 Fred purchased property in Grapeland from George E. and Calley Calhoun and moved the family into town. This property is lots 1-9, Block 10 (the First Baptist Church occupied lot 10 of this block). At about this same time Fred purchased half interest in the P. L. `Buddy’ Herod gin, ice house, and grist mill located on the present site of Bailey & Foster Funeral Home. Later P. L. Herod and Fred Bridges would move the ice house to Front Street, on the site next to the building currently occupied by `Got-U-Covered’. Ice from the ice house was used in home ‘ice boxes’ (refrigerators were a new item and were not capable of making much ice in their early days) and in supplying refrigeration for rail shipment of perishable goods-plums, vegetables. Watermelons. Following WWII, The agricultural picture in Houston County was changing cotton and corn were on the decline, and peanuts, watermelons, and plums were on the rise. Fred established a plum orchard on the New Prospect farm, and managed the plum shed east of the railroad, across from the old movie theatre and Smith’s and Marvin Herod’s grocery stores on Front Street. Around 1952-1953 the gin would be sold to the Hoch Brothers, and the lot to Hassell & Foster. Fred died in 1954 and was buried at Parker Cemetery. Rosa Lee Bridges would remarry twice following Fred’s death (Early Holcomb of Liberty Hill (1888-1969) and Bryant Gilmore of Slocum). Rosa died in 1976 and is buried at Parker Cemetery. Lester Bridges moved to Orlando, Florida in the 1920s, where he went into the grocery business. He married Leila and they had three children: Donald, Dorothy, and Charles. Carl D. Bridges, Sr. married Bessie Smith (sister of Maggie Smith, w/o William Leslie Bridges–see descendants of John F. Bridges) and they had three children: Carl D. Jr., Francis M., and Margie. They moved to Conroe. Carl D. Bridges, Jr. married Lois. Francis M. Bridges married Jimmie Wayne Hummel. Margie married a Crabb. Ida Jewel Bridges married Derother ‘D. A.’ Guice (b. 01-30-1904, d. 12-16-1984). They had a grocery store on the corner of Front and Chestnut streets. After selling this store to the Brimberrys, Jewel and Derother moved to Dallas in the 1950s, then to Athens. They had one child, Nelda. Nelda married Harry Kent, son of Tom and Hazel Kent. Nelda and Harry had two children, David and Larry. Ellen Bridges married Alvie C. Caskey. They had four children: Harlan (b. 06-24-1924, d. 02-25-1966), Aleta Faye, Ellenita, and Don. Aleta Faye married Edward Baker. Gladys Bridges married John 1. Keen and they had two children: Betty Jo and Jerry. Betty Jo Keen married Homer Lawson and had three children: Sheri, Pam, and John Chris. Betty Jo lives inHuntsville, Alabama. Jerry Keen married Ruth and had two children: John Mark and Libbie Clifford Earl Bridges married Ora Lee Taylor and had two children: Patricia Sybil and Clifford Thurston. Clifford Earl had a dairy farm next to the old Geir-Jackson Refinery, and had a feed store in the building currently occupied by the Grapeland City Office. Clifford and Ora Lee now live south ofPalestine, where he retired after working in Houston. Patricia married Delmore Carmichael and they have two sons, Lane Evan and Scott Everett. They live in Grapeland. Thurston married Shirley Ann Allen and they had three children: Karen Jean, Daniel ‘Danny’ Allen, and Julie Ann. Julie Ann married Jeff Jones and lives in St. Louis, Missouri. Thurston and Shirley live in Dallas, where Thurston is an elementary principal. Edith Bridges married Clayton Dominy (son of J. E. Dominy) and lives in Palestine. Edith and Clayton had two children: Dewayne and Glenda Rose. Dewayne Dominy married and had one child, Dana. Glenda Rose Dominy married Harold Yancy and they had one child, Shelly Page. Dewayne lives in Arlington and Glenda Rose in Garland. William Clarence Bridges married Abbie Lee James (b. 09-04-1915), daughter of Bruce and Beula James of the New Prospect community. Clarence farmed in New Prospect: dairy, peanuts, watermelons, and custom harvesting. Abbie Lee still lives on this farm. Clarence and Abbie Lee had one child, Joe Billie. Joe Billie Bridges married Bertha Spann and had two children: Selena and William ‘Billy’. Selena married Michael ‘Mike’ Cryer and had three children: Ceiji, Nichole, and Joe Michael. Raymond Lee Bridges married Mildred Louise Jones (b. 06-08-1923); daughter of Marshall and Ethel Rosa Jones, Raymond entered the U. S. Army Air Corps in WWII. Shipped overseas to the 8th Air Force in England in early 1944, Raymond’s plane was shot down over Germany on 03-06-1944. Although buried in the military cemetery in Belguim, there is a marker for Raymond. Raymond and Mildred had one child, David Lee (b. 07-05-1944). David Lee first married Wanda Faye Hyles and had one child, Lewis Gail Bridges (b. 02-08-1968). David Lee next married Katherine Ann ‘Kathy’ Kitner (b. 03-18-1947), daughter of Donald L. and Anne Horak Kitner. David and Kathy have two children: Katherine Ann `Kathi’ and Patricia Lynne ‘Trisha’. David, Kathy and the girls live on Houston County Lake. Lewis Gail Bridges (1968) married Ronda Renee Hood (b. 02-11-1969) on 06-17-1987, and lives in Comanche, Texas. Fred Bridges, Jr. married Leona Parker of Elkhart. They had two children: Roy Lee and Rebecca ‘Becky’ Darlene. Roy Lee Bridges died before Fred Jr… Becky married a Henderson Jim Bridges, fifth child of William Jefferson And Ellen Stuart Bridges married Nora Reed and lived in Lubbock, Texas. They had one child, J. R. Fannie E. Bridges (b. 01-23-1893,d. 06-10-1963), sixth child of William Jefferson and Ellen Stuart Bridges, married Bon B. Easley (b.11-11-1898, d.05-24-1956) and had two children: Juanita and Bonnie. When William Jefferson went to Victoria, Fannie and Bon Easley went with him, taking over the gin there when he left. William Edward Bridges (b. 04-29-1884, d. 07-18-1903), seventh child of William Jefferson and Ellen Stuart Bridges, died from injuries suffered when a horse fell on him. He is buried at Guiceland. Bertha Eulalia Bridges (b. 03-18-1895, d. 04-21-1974) was the youngest of the eight children of William Jefferson and Ellen Stuart Bridges. She accompanied them to Waurika, Oklahoma, where she met and married Truce Fredrick ‘Fred’ Payne (b. 08-01-1892, d. 06-28-1975). They returned to Texas where Fred worked for William Jefferson, Peter, Lewis, and Clarence-living in the New Prospect community of the W.J./Peter/Lewis Bridges farm (until ca. 1958), the Bruce James farm (owned by Clarence and Abbie Lee), and the Webster Whitaker farm. They both died in Arcadia, Texas, where their daughter Kathleen lived. Eulalia and Fred had four children: Jefferson Dailey ‘J. D.'(b. 07-08-1912) Kathleen (b. 08-23-1913), Freddie Lee (b. 02-09-1920), and Leland. Eulalia and Fred are buried at Parker Cemetery. Jefferson Dailey `J. D.’ Payne married Aileen Batson and has three children: Betty, Dewayne, and Donald `Donny’. Betty married Jerry Larson and has one child, Dusty. Dewayne married Marlita Balke and has two girls. Donald Payne married Donna Tyroch and has one daughter. Kathleen Payne married Bill Worley. They have retired to their farm near Slocum. Freddie Lee Payne married R. A. Parker (b. 06-09-1915, d. 04-28-1980) and had one child, Joe Don (b. 12-02-1944). Freddie Lee, along with Joe Don and his family, still live on the Parker farm in the New Prospect community. Joe Don, while stationed in Georgiaby the U. S. Army, married Carolyn Kailgo (b. 11-29-1944). Joe Don and Carolyn have three children: Joey (b. 10-26-1967), Shasta (b. 04-27-1971), and Samantha (b. 12-12-1983). Leland Payne married Billie Jean Bridges, daughter of William Leslie and Maggie Smith Bridges (see descendants of John F. Bridges). They had two sons: Sammy and Tommy. Sammy Payne married Madra Shaw (b. 06-29-1953), daughter of Elzy and Marie Shaw. Sammy and Madra have three children: Sandi, Sherri, and Shannon. Sandi married Scott Huff, son of Billy Ray and Nancy Huff. Tommy married Brenda Jordan, daughter of James and Marilyn Herod Jordan and they have two children: Brian and Leslie. Epsy Bridges, daughter of Peter and Eliza Jane Bridges remained in Schley County, Georgia. She had married a Wilkins and had a family of her own. One of her sons would later settle in the Percilla area-see Wilkins family history. John F. Bridges (1858-1940), son of Peter Bridges and Eliza Jane Brown Bridges, came to Houston County with his mother and his young wife Francis N. `Fannie’ Easley in 1879.Settling first in the Guiceland area, he would later move into Grapeland. In 1911 he bought a cotton gin off of the Whitley farm on the Trinity River (located below the ‘Red Town farm’ and moved it to Grapeland. This new gin was located between the First Christian Church and the railroad, north of the plum packing shed and peanut drier that would later be built east of the railroad, and across the railroad from the John Kennedy home and high school gym. He and Francis lived in a big house on the site of the present First Assembly of God Church, across the road from the gin. John F. Bridges and Francis N. Easley are both buried at Parker Cemetery. They had eight children: John Samuel (1880-1949),Annie (1882-1963), Arrie (1887-1960), Cary, Mattie, Earie, William Leslie (1897-1964), Bessie (1899- ). John Samuel Bridges (b.01-26-1880, d. 10-10-1949) married Pearl Ellen Smith (b.02-06-1884, d. 04-12-1949). John S. and Pearl had fourteen children: Dorothy Mae (b. 01-08-1898, d. 07-24-1908), Olive Norene (b. 1903,d. xxxx), Lottie Bell (b. 01-01-1905, d. 03-11-1916),Floyd Otis (b. 01-27-1907, d. 01-18-1984), Preston Samuel (b. 06-10-1910,d. 10-14-1966), Aubrey Olen, Elwin Columbus, Velma Ruth, triplets (1916), Warren G. Harding (b. 10-02-1920, d. 07-21-1969), Edna Pearl , and Fannie Lou. Dorothy Mae Bridges married James Otis ‘Jim 0.’ Herod (b. 01-08-1898, d. 07-11-1987) and had one child, Rena Maye. Dorothy and Jim 0 had a grocery store on the corner, currently occupied by Ross Electric, across from the George E. Darsey warehouse. They are both buried at Parker Cemetery. Rena Maye Herod married Isaac Darrel Shaver and had two children: Don Scott and Jane Marlese. Olive Norene Bridges married Nathan Baker (b. 1900, d. 1961), son of Jackson and Luela Baker (Jackson Baker was the last husband of Eliza Jane Brown Bridges Green Brown, marrying after Luela’s death). Olive and Nathan Baker had five children: Hulon David, Mary Lou, Sandra Jean, Serita Nell, and Donald Sam. Hulon David Baker married Peggy Bolland and had two children: Mary Ann and David Layne. Mary Lou Baker married Gene Huff (son of Eugene ‘Brud’ Huff and step-son of Bessie Bridges Caskey, daughter of John F. Bridges) and had two children: Martha Lynn and Larry Gene. Martha Huff married Wayne Montgomery and had Leslie Nicole. Larry Gene Huff married Beverly McLeod and had Larry Glenn and Tracy. Sandra Jean Baker married Bobby Raye Wilson and had Robert Scott. Serita Nell married John Lester `Jack’ Platt and had two children: Julia Ann ‘Julie’ and Lisa Kay. Julia Ann married Lawrence Richey and had two children. Donald Sam Baker married Virgie May Rackly and had two children: Mark Douglas and Liah Diane. Floyd Otis Bridges married Emma Salmon and had one child, Winfred Otis. Winfred Otis Bridges married Dorothy Whitworth and had three children: Michael Winfred, Christopher Lane, and Floyd Neil. Winfred Otis next married Lois Johnson. Preston Samuel Bridges married Irma Funderburk, daughter of Albert Ray and Docia Funderburk. Preston and Irma had four children: Kenneth Ray, Merle, Margie Sam, and Ronnie. Kenneth Ray Bridges (1933-1984) married Paula McWhorter and they had four children: Michael Wayne, Steven Ray, Lielani Rae, and Belinda Faye. Merle Bridges married Margie and had three children: Gregory Wayne (b. 09-13-1963, d. 03-27-1970), Vicki Lynn, and Randell Keith. Margie Sam Bridges married Sidney Rulta and had three children: Robert, Barry, and Jeffery. Ronnie Bridges married Linda Burris and had two children: Lorie Ann and Jeffery. Aubrey Olen Bridges married Cleo Lively and had three children: Charles Edward, Linda Jo, and Peggy Joyce. Velma Ruth Bridges married Arthur Caskey and had three children: Gene Arthur, Samuel Alfred, and Lynn Avery. Warren G. Harding Bridges married Norma Ruth Crabb and had three children: Donna Gail, Marsha Kay, and Glenn Alan. Edna Pearl Bridges married Lloyd Austin ‘Bear’ James and had one.

Fred Bridges Sr. and Family

J.F. Bridges Family

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