George Washington (Dock) Weisinger

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George Washington (Dock) Weisinger Family History

Weisinger Family

The family of George Washington “Dock” Weisinger commenced at the beginning of the twentieth century when the young farmer took for his wife Ada Bell Chapman. To this union in 1903 was born one son, George Olan, and lacking proper medical treatment young Ada Belle died from childbirth. In 1904 George married Matilda Caroline “Callie” Chapman, younger sister of Ada Belle, and to this union which lasted forty-nine years was born Otis E. (b. September 3, 1904-d. December, 1904), an infant (b. May 24, 1906-d. May 29, 1906), Bertha Irene, Earl Truett, Ora Louise, Travis Lee, Holloway (b. October 5, 1920-d. May 17, 1933) and Edna Pearl. George was born December 19, 1877 near Grapeland and died there on December 3, 1952 and is buried in the Murdock Cemetery. He was the fifth child of Reuben Jacob Weisinger (b. February 4, 1839 in Dallas County, Alabama-d. May 20, 1918 Grapeland) and Martha L. Williams Cutler Weisinger (b. 1842-d. November 5, 1896). Martha was a widow with one son T.J. Cutler, when Reuben married her. Reuben was the son of Matthias Weisinger and Leah Caroline Hornsby Weisinger who married in South Carolina on October 22, 1822 and who came to Texas from Alabama in 1850 and settled in the Antrim Community. Ada Belle (b. August 26, 1882- d. October 31, 1903) and Matilda Caroline (b. November 20, 1885-d. February 28, 1968) were the daughters of John Chapman (b. 1850-d. ?? and Sarah A. Denson Chapman (b. 1850-d. August 13, 1907), daughter of O’Connor Denson (b. 1813 in North Carolina and Mary Anna Swaggart [b. 1817 in New Baden, Germany)). They were the great granddaughters of Thomas C. Denson (b. February 22, 1793 in North Carolina and Polly Denson. After Ada Belle’s death this memorial was written by George in her memory and was copied from a 1903 newspaper clipping.

G.W. Weisinger's Wives


`Tis but a few short days, though it seems an age, since we were so happy together, Ada Belle and I, when we would sit together or walk hand in hand and talk of our future plans. Life seemed full of promise and beautiful flowers and sweet song birds were along the pathway to cheer us on our journey, but alas! The grim monster entered our happy home and claimed as his victim the fairest flower that ever bloomed in earthen vessels, and Ada Belle, the wife of my bosom, the joy and hope of my life, is no more. As a wife, she was all I could ask; she went about her duties with a cheerful heart and always had a smile and a welcome for me when weary and heavy-hearted I sought rest in the sacred precincts of home. Tonight as I sit here surrounded by almost impenetrable darkness, me thinks I can see those bright eyes and hear that sweet voice, but alas! Not so. No more in this life shall my faint heart be cheered by those bright eyes and sweet voice. `Tis hard, dear Ada Belle, to give you up, but God knoweth best and doeth all things well, and we know that some where in the eternal City of God, beyond the reach of sickness, sorrow, pain and death, you are waiting and watching for us, and by the help of God we are going to meet you when the trials and troubles of this life are over. Until then, farewell! G.W. Weisinger the Weisinger home and farm was located about one and one-half miles from Grapeland outLockout Road. A branch crossed this road and the fields and formed a small lake. This was a favorite place for the children and grandchildren to swim. Often the children were told not to go swimming and once when they did, they were frightened by a loud splash behind them. The splash was their grandfather, “Dock”, who had jumped in feet first, overalls clad.

George W (Dock) and Callie Weisinger

He then appeared spewing water from his mouth two feet over his head and lying on his back with only his head and feet showing above the water. He did not scold but joined in with the fun. Sometimes sleeping late, we were playfully awakened by him holding the broom and chasing us from the bed. The most important things in life to him were God, family and work, and he taught this to his family. The family attended Union Chapel Baptist Church. He was there for his family, friends and neighbors when there was not a preacher available to bring God’s word. He would always kneel before the congregation to pray and he sometimes played the organ. These are precious memories. “Callie” loved and cared for Olan as her own, and he became a very successful man. He had a natural ability for hard work and was well known for his boats and barges that he designed and built while he was with Parker Brothers & Co., Inc. from 1930 until his death on June 2, 1972. At the age of seventeen on November 17, 1920, Olan married Ruby Smith (b. September 30, 1903, Grapeland), daughter of Edward Franklin Smith (b. December 2, 1876, Alabama-d. May 4, 1974,Houston) and Mary Catherine Steadman (b. August 20, 1876-d. November 18, 1918, Grapeland).   

G.W. and Callie Weisinger Family Home

Their daughter, Dorothy Adabell Weisinger, was born February 22, 1922 in Grapeland and Is an executive secretary with Parker Brothers & Co., Inc. where she has been employed for forty-five years. She has a home on Martin Lake in Grapeland. Olan and Ruby moved to Houston shortly after Dorothy was born and their second daughter, Anna Maria Weisinger, was born November 29, 1923. She was an accountant with Exxon Co. USA and died in Houston from cancer on May 29, 1977 after a short illness. A son, Harold Lewis Weisinger, was born August 2, 1929 in Houston. He graduated from the University of Houston with a Bachelor of Architecture degree and is employed as an architectural engineer with Parker Brothers & Co., Inc. He served in the United States Army as a First lieutenant in the Quartermaster Corps and saw active duty in Korea July 27, 1952 to April 29, 1954. He married on July 17, 1954 in Petersburg, Virginia to Betty Ann Barfield, (b. December 7, 1928, Petersburg), daughter of Newton Flay Barfield and Augusta Pauline Archer Barfield. He and Betty make their home in Friendswood, Texas and have three sons, George Lewis Weisinger (b. May 8, 1955, Houston) who is married to Kathryn Joan Roosa, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. R. Keith Roosa of Baytown. George and Kathy make their home in Friendswood. Brian Archer Weisinger was born February 2, 1958 in Houston and is married to Kim Renee Gunderman, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Joseph Gunderman, Jr. of Bacliff, Texas. They live in Friendswood and have one son, Dustin Michael Weisinger (b. October 13, 1981, Texas City) and a daughter, Melinda Ann Weisinger (b. October 22, 1985, Texas City). Harold and Betty’s youngest son, Harold Randolph Weisinger (b. June 25, 1964, Houston) is unmarried and lives in Friendswood. Bertha Irene Weisinger, third child born to “Dock” and “Callie” was born July 24, 1908 in Grapeland. After finishing school, Irene made her home with Olan and Ruby in Houston. There she met Charles Bunse Reifschneider (b. August 1, 1907 in Bartlett, Bell County, Texas), son of Charles Phillip Reifschneider and Freda C.L. Bunse. Charles is retired from Hughes Tool Company and he and Irene make their home in Houston, Texas. Their first son, Charles Bunse Reifschneider Jr (b. January 9, 1931-d. November 25, 1979), married Annie Bernice Johnston on February 6, 1951 in Houston. Their children are Charles Bunse Reifschneider, III, Deborah Irene, Vicki Ann, Brenda Kaye and Diane Dee.

Travis & Gwenith Weisinger

Their second son, Larry Travis Weisinger, was born February 21, 1932 in Houston and he married Betty Ann Murray (b. November 24, 1931, Mansfield, La.), daughter of Willis and Esther Mary Readier Murray, on October 11, 1953 in Houston. They had three children, Larry Travis Reifschneider, Jr. (b. November 10, 1953), Patricia Ann Reifschneider (b. March 6, 1955) and Ben Roger Reifschneider (b. November 23, 1957). Earl Truett Weisinger, fourth child, was born August 2, 1911 in Grapeland and died September 8, 1976 in Houston. He was married in Grapeland on December 22, 1928 to Malvin Rebecca Ashmore, (b. November 12, 1910, Belott-d. July 11, 1979), daughter, Callie Joyce Weisinger who was born February 6, 1922 in Grapeland. They lived in Houston for many years and at the time of Truett’s death he had just retired from the Galena Park Independent School District where he was head of the Carpenter Maintenance Department.

Dock Weisinger Family

He had worked for Parker Brothers & Co., Inc. and Dickson Gun Plant. He was a master carpenter. Joyce married January 6, 1951 inHouston to Clarence Britt “Bob” Reynolds (b. March 30, 1931, Wink, Texas-d. January 24, 1982, Houston), son of Clarence Britt Reynolds and Minnie Robinson. Bob was a firefighter for the City of Houston and they had one son and one daughter, Howard V. Reynolds, born January 5, 1955 in Houston and Marilyn Joyce Reynolds born September 8, 1957 in Houston. “Dock” and “Callie’s” son, Travis Lee Weisinger, was born December 13, 1913 in Grapeland. He was married the first time on July 13, 1931 to Gwenith Hampton (b. August 16, 1917, Reese, Cherokee County, Texas) daughter of John Saul Hampton and Vera L. Liles. They had two sons, Roy Travis Weisinger (b. May 10, 1934, Grapeland) and he married the first time October 10, 1952 to Betty Joyce Jones. Their first born was Sally Ann Weisinger (b. July 19, 1956). Sally Ann was married December 17, 1976 in Grapeland to Kenneth H. (Sam) Huff, son of S.W. (Pete) Huff of Grapeland and Mrs. Howard Van Winkle of Foresthill, California. They make their home in Crockett. Roy and Betty’s second daughter, Belinda Sue Weisinger, was born October 8, 1958. She married James Arnold Keen and they have two children, a son, Stephen Banks Keen (b. December 14, 1978) and a daughter, Jennifer Ann Keen, (b. November 12, 1980). Belinda is now married to Ken Stevenson. Roy and Betty’s first son, James David Weisinger (b. April 30, 1962) lives in Houston and their second son, Roy Travis Weisinger, Jr. (b. July 8, 1966) lives in Grapeland. Travis and Gwenith’s second son, Bill Ray Weisinger, was born September 8, 1937 in Elkhart, Texas. He married March 2, 1956 to Martha Ray Sprayberry and they had three sons, Tommy Ray Weisinger, born February 9, 1957 in Crockett; Randall Ray “Randy” Weisinger, born January 22, 1959 in Crockett and Michael Ray Weisinger, born April 17, 1961 in Pasadena. “Randy” has one daughter, Casey Ray Weisinger. Travis was married to Virginia Lucille Hampton, a sister to his first wife, Gwenith. Lucille was born May 17, 1921 in Reese, Texas and she died in Grapeland on December 17, 1977. They had three sons and the first, John Edward Weisinger, was born January 5, 1943 in Houston. Johnny has one daughter, Nicole Weisinger.

Weisinger Family

Their son, Jimmy Lee Weisinger, was born October 21, 1953 in Palestine. He married Susie Spinks (b. December 29, 1957) and they have three daughters, Leslie (b. March 19, 1976), Heather (b. January 9, 1978), Callie Lee, (b. November 4, 1981). They make their home in Grapeland and Susie operates her own beauty shop and Jimmy is a heavy equipment operator. Travis and Lucille’s youngest son, Terry Glenn Weisinger (b. April 29, 1955, Palestine) married July 31, 1976 in Grapeland to Johnnie Alyce Isget (b. December 5, 1958, Baytown, Harris County, Texas) daughter of John Albert lsget and Patsy Leanece Odom Isget. Their daughter, Virginia Michele Weisinger, was born September 24, 1977 in Pasadena. “Dock” and “Callie’s” second daughter, Ora Louise Weisinger, was born May 1, 1917 in Grapeland. She was married November 3, 1934 in Latexo to John Henry Fulmer (b. August 16, 1916, Grapeland), son of John Francis Fulmer and Sallie Viola Raley. They moved to Houston in 1936 and John Henry was employed by Detering Co. Building Materials for four years before joining Olan at Parker Brothers & Co., Inc. where he was a valuable employee in their shipyard building their many boats and barges. He retired after thirty-seven years and he and Louise live on Martin Lake. Their first son, Merle Reeves Fulmer, was born on December 1, 1935 in Grapeland. He attended Jacksonville College and met and married Mary Ann Casey (b. January 25, 1939, Teague, Texas) daughter of Roy Casey, Sr. and Modena Gunter of Fairfield, Texas. Merle was ordained by the Foy Lane Baptist Church of Houston and he has been in the ministry for twenty-six years. He is active in the BMA of Texas and serves as a chairman of the trustees for the Baptist Book Center of Dallas and Houston and is also on the personnel commission of the BMA of America. He is presently pastor of the Colonial Missionary Baptist Church of Lubbock, Texas. They have three daughters. The oldest, Melissa Ann Fulmer, was born June 29, 1960 in Houston. Their second daughter, Tonya Kay Fulmer, was born April 3, 1963 in Fairfield and was married December 21, 1985 in Levelland, Texas to Lance Dunn. They live in O’Donnell, Texas where they both teach. Their youngest, Kristi Lanette Fulmer was born April 17, 1970 in Brownfield, Terry County, Texas. Louise and John Henry’s daughter, Vonda Christine Fulmer, was born July 15, 1939 in Houston. She married Ronald Casey (b. January 26, 1936, Teague), brother to Merle’s wife, Mary Ann on December 18, 1959 in Houston. Ronald was retired at the age of fifty-nine in 1985 from Continental Oil Company and has since returned to work for another company which he is enjoying. They live in Houston after living in many different places and they are both active in their church. They have two sons, Ronald Keith Casey (b. June 2, 1961, McAllen, Texas), and who was married May 17, 1986 in Las Vegas to Sandra Kay Langley. They make their home in Houston. Their youngest son, Bryan Gregory Casey, was born October 16, 1962 in McAllen, Texas. Louise and John Henry’s youngest son, Raymond Dale Fulmer, born December 6, 1943 in Houston, is an electrician. He married the first time Rebecca Ann Stephens and they had one son, Dale Wayne Fulmer, born August 16, 1964, and he married the second time Suzanne LeDoux and they have one daughter, Meagan Renee Fulmer, born February 27, 1974. In 1981 Meagan won the title “Little Miss Gulf Coast” which entitled her to go to the national competition for the “Little Miss America” contest. They make their home in Cypress, Texas. “Dock” and Callie’s” youngest child, Edna Pearl Weisinger, was born October 13, 1925 in Grapeland and she died May 18, 1982 in Crockett. She married Earl E. Lawrence (b. November 27, 1922, Grapeland-d. February 17, 1980, Crockett) son of John Lawrence and Genie Williams Lawrence. Their two children are Gary Earl Lawrence and Carol Jean Lawrence. Gary has two sons, Jerry Wayne Lawrence and Gary Earl Lawrence, Jr.

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